Thursday, May 14, 2009

Press Release for Josh Williams! I love this guy!!!

Energy Attunement Expert & Life Journey Coach Specializing in Relationship Advice Josh Williams

Anna Pereira owner of, the go to site for relationship guidance, love advice and personal wellness coaching welcomes Psychic Life Guide Josh Williams to the panel of expert advisors. Experts can be consulted 24/7 for advice. Relationship advice, psychic advice, wellness and guidance

PRLog (Press Release) – May 14, 2009 – 'I pride myself on promoting reputable professionals on, therefore, I don't promote many psychics, simply because I believe many of the people who make the claim to be psychic are not. But, once in a rare occasion you will find the one or two truly gifted individuals who are. I have found a few out of many and I am quite excited about my latest find, Josh Williams!' states Anna. 'I personally interview individuals who claim to be psychic and absolutely must be convinced before they are available for consultation on However, Josh is quite the unique individual! I'm very excited to have him on my site because he has many, many talents as well as being a really super gifted individual. All I can say is look out world! Here comes the next super-star psychic!'

Josh Williams, a young 27 with wisdom of the ages, has had his 'gift' since he was a small child. He developed it so thoroughly, he was implored by those who came to him to go into the professional circuit at the age of 18. His soothing manner and caring ways quickly made him popular in his local area and the requests started coming from all over the country for his assistance and spiritual guidance.

Josh is selfless and genuinely wants the people of the world to find healing and bliss. 'My ability is a gift and should be shared' Josh stated. 'I want to reach as many people as I can and help them to help themselves. Aside from directly helping a client one on one, I blog about energy attunement, spiritual secrets, empowering personal guidance direct from spirit and a weekly global reading is done on a hot topic or current event and my insight about it. I have caught some heat from other psychics about giving away secrets to empowering a person to become psychic, but, I am here to do as I am guided and if that is my way to help, that is what I need to do.'

As a 'Psychic Life Guide', Josh Williams' abilities are not limited to the standard 'psychic reading'. Josh's unique healing abilities allow him to read a person's energy in which he gets his information to help a client find the answers and guidance to what it is they seek help with.

'I can perceive a persons energy field which is different than being clairvoyant or using divination techniques like tarot or astrology. Typical questions clients have regard relationship guidance, issues regarding their lover, love life, career and financial questions. I can help with all of this. It is best when someone focuses on a specific area they need help with, like their relationship. Guidance is much more effective than when someone casually wants to know what's going on in my life. I can help them with finding their life path and purpose, but again, this needs to be focused on.' Josh stated. 'In most cases, overall wellness and balance is needed in a someone's life and this is where I can make the most impact. What brings me the greatest joy, is when I make a profound, positive difference in a person's life. I am truly blessed to help people in the way I do. It's rewarding beyond imagination.'

What Josh can do to help a client is nothing short of amazing and astonishing. His specialties are 'Psychic Guidance' through 'Channeling of the Spirit', 'Cosmos' and 'Higher Self'. He offers 'Specialized Life Journey Coaching' which is instruction he receives, once speaking to a client, through the psychic arts to help a client root the profound wisdom he therefore conveys to them, in their real lives. The end result is a client can use the information Josh gives them to manifest their ideal of joy and balance in their life.

Another requested ability of Josh is 'Highly Advanced Long Distance Energy Work'. In this area of guidance, Josh aligns a client to their natural state of harmony and opens them up to receive what he refers to as 'Universal Blessings'.

Josh runs a holistic wellness practice in Salt Lake City, UT and also helps thousands of people long distance. According to Josh, and more importantly, his clients, the 'long distance' or over the phone sessions are just as profound and effective as in person sessions. Upon contacting Josh, a client can get a basic reading to find out about a specific topic to help gain insight and create a plan on how to handle the specific issue based on Josh's unveiling of hidden information.

Currently, Josh Williams is in the process of publishing two books based on ancient theory of wellness through many cultures and his interpretation of the relevancy of how it works as applied in today's society in addition to other topics. A client can consult with Josh by logging onto

Monday, May 11, 2009

Psychic Love Reading at KEEN

Friday, May 8, 2009


It is tough enough to get the inspiration, drive and commitment up to follow a dream. Then you have to work on a plan on how to carry out the fulfilling of your dream. During this economic AND emotional recession it is especially tough to follow your dreams.

Some reasons why it may be more difficult now is moral in general is down. Your support system or the people who are usually a very good 'cheer leader' or 'fan' who under normal circumstances would back you up and pushes you forward may be experiencing their own hardships and don't have the energy to give you the support you need.
Another reason is the recession in general has taken an economic toll on everyone. If your dream may have needed to be financed, it may be very difficult if not impossible to finance your dream at the present time. Just keeping your head above water is what many of you are concerned with right now.
Between the lack of a sound, emotional support system through friends and family and lack of available funds may make you feel like wanting to give up ... but your inner voice says you can't. So how do you move on? How to you move forward toward your goal and dream?
When you can't lean on anyone stand up straight, stand up must be your own pillar of support right now. You must do whatever it takes to strengthen yourself so you can forge ahead and move toward your dreams coming true.
First: Believe in yourself! You must under any circumstance, completely believe in your heart of hearts you are able to make this dream come true! Come hell or high water, YOU can make it happen.
Second: Pay attention to other areas of your life being healthy so you have the strength and perseverance to weather this storm of instability and not having any outside help. Make sure you have physical health and mental health. Get your mind right! Mentally work on what needs to be done because this is THE most important strength you will need to get your dream going.
Third: Be crafty and out of the box to get your agenda accomplished. What will you need to get your dreams on the road? Perhaps you can barter with people you know to get marketing and exposure done. Even better, learn how to do it yourself! If you need to get some exposure and decide to write a press release but you are not the best writer, ask someone once you are done to polish it up for you. That way, you did not have someone do the work, just edit it, and distribute it yourself over the web!
Fourth (and most importantly): Don't give up. If you have always wanted to do what it is you are working not let a temporary set back, like lack of funds at the current time, get you off track. Onward and upward!
These are just a few ideas on how to work on your dreams when the world is at an emotional and financial low but when you are inspired and ready to take on the world and get your dream in motion and truly believe in yourself and what gift you have to offer the world, do it! If it is meant to happen it will, but, with your hard work and effort. This will separate you from the fakes out there who don't have the heart to follow their dreams. The stamina to keep with it. The determination to take on all of the battle they will be confronted with. Life will show you the way. It may take some time, or it may happen quick...But if you believe in yourself you can make your dreams come true!
If you would like some ideas on how to get things going, or need some emotional or spiritual support when your reserves are low and you seem to be questioning yourself, please call me I am available and many wonderful advisors are there to help you find your path and help you on your way. If you have hit a wall and need to be brushed off and need some assistance with getting back on the road to your dreams, we can help. Trust in yourself! You are here for greatness!!! May your dreams come true!