Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Is it time to walk away?

Relationships can be really, really tough sometimes. Your relationship should be a healthy source of happiness and your partner should be one that you draw strength from...not one that breaks you down.

Ok … we don’t live in a perfect world, but shouldn’t you be happy in your relationship? Are you in a loving relationship or is there jealously and betrayal? What makes your relationship tick? Is it that you and your partner both have the same visions and they bring you closer together? Is it that the two of you see things differently, but that brings you together because with different perspectives and open minds you can create something new all together?

Or do you constantly fight and disagree? Do you not see eye to eye on major issues? When do you say: ‘I think it’s time to walk away.’

Abusive relationships don’t always mean physical. We can be wrapped up in a mentally abusive relationship too. Or emotionally abusive … At what point do you say this is worth working on or this is too much to bear? Every relationship regardless if one person loves the other may or may not work because of the mechanics of the relationship.

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