Monday, March 23, 2009

Mature Adult Dating: How our past relationships influence our current relationship or lack there of.

The saying is true, 'the older you get the harder it gets' This statement is the case for so many things as you 'grow up'. Lets take dating for example.

Typically as you start off your dating life, you get a boyfriend or girlfriend and are committed to each other and date exclusively. This is what is so special about young romance. Being a 'couple'.... ahhhhh! So sweet and innocent! It is almost part of your identity. You are known as 'Billy's girl' or 'Cindy's guy'. When exactly does the change take place where you go from committed and monogamous to dating and perhaps casual sex?

As you get older you may find yourself in this cycle. Maybe you are happy with this situation - variety is the spice of life! That is nice for the meantime but if you are in the boat sailing to the island of 'I better find someone and settle down or an important part of my life will soon pass me by' ... (don't ask me for exact coordinates of this island, it's sort of like the island in 'Lost', I don't know where it is) ... Then you are in this 'Mature Adult Dating Dilemma'. So many single late 20's and 30-somethings are finding it harder and harder to find happiness. At first it's fun to date and date but as you look around and all your friends are getting married and then having kids, you start to wonder ... 'Um.. why am I still single?' Perhaps you may have had relationships in the past that you compare all of the rest too. Perhaps you have crossed paths with someone who has really hurt you so you can't get serious with someone. Perhaps your ideas of what makes you happy and what you seek in a person are really non existent? Many influences from our past dictate or choices and actions in the present.

Do you want to be happy? Are you tired of being single? Lonely? Do you want to find someone you want to spend your life with? Are you tired of dating the wrong person? Are you searching for something that really isn't reality? Let's talk about why you are caught in the dating pattern you are in. Let's talk about ways to improve your choices and change your perspective so you can make the changes for a more positive dating experience.

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