Thursday, March 19, 2009

Is your relationship self destructing? Or are you sabotaging it?

Fighting all the time. Braking up and getting back together. Physical violence, verbal abuse, premeditated acts inducing negative situations in you relationship...Does this sound familiar? Are you sabotaging your relationship? An advisor is standing by ready to talk to you

Sometimes a little drama is good .. let's face it things can get a bit boring but there is a world of difference between some fun banter, verbal sparring and blatant, down right negative behavior. Are you getting into drop down drag out fights all the time? Do you precipitate them? Or perhaps you find yourself involved in one that your partner invokes.

When you argue, you can trace it back to the cause. Is is legitimate? Arguments sometimes are petty and go on because you want to be heard or get your point across or make sure what ever happened to provoke the argument doesn't happen again. But is it more than that? Are you involved in a relationship that you argue over and over again about the same issues or are arguments stemming from of specific behavior that is not condoned in your relationship? Cheating, drug addiction, alcohol addiction, porn addiction, distance, isolation, jealousy, inability to be open, infidelity, fetishes, irrational behaviors, disorders, depression and the list goes on.

Do you want the sabotage to stop? How do you get through to someone who is acting like this? How do you stop it, if it is you doing the sabotaging? Let's talk about it. Wether it is you who is the one doing the sabotaging through negative patterns and behaviors or you find yourself victim in a relationship with someone you love so much but need to stop the madness ... Call a counselor at and discuss how to navigate the situation. Talking helps. You may realize the entire situation is happening because of something completely unrelated to the actual argument ... which is more often the case than not.

Call now and get some answers and suggestions on how to create a loving, caring relationship. Let's figure out what is destroying your relationship and help you to have a happy, healthy, relationship that works!

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